Confident & Connected  Masterclass  

Video 3: The first and most vital step towards less conflict and more cooperation with your spirited child

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Raising your strong willed child without regrets
Parenting a strong willed child
Parenting Your Strong willed Child Without Regrets

A new life with your spirited child is just around the Corner ..

 Confident & Connected supports amazing parents as they move from constant conflict- to collaboration and cooperation.

My mission is to guide + support parents raising a strong willed child to grab ahold of their unique parenting journey and grow to better understand their unique spirited child.  Between my professional experience as a mental health practitioner and personal experience navigating a new approach with my own 2 spirited kids, I want to help you set aside the old parenting approaches that don't work (and are actually toxic) for strong-willed children, and give you the happy family and parenting journey you've always dreamed of in my first-of-it's-kind course, Confident & Connected.

Raising Your Strong Willed Child Without Regrets (confident & Connected)
  • No more constant threatening, yelling and power struggles
  • No more living in a cycle of negativity, threats and guilt
  • No more applying outdated one-size-fits-all parenting approaching to your unique child

It's time to follow a proven system backed by research on

how kids learn and grow into healthy + happy humans 

Confident & Connected will take all the researching, reading, and exhausting trial and error out of navigating new healthier and more effective ways of guiding and disciplining your strong willed child, and will put you on the fast path to a calmer and more cooperative household.

You'll have a give you a step-by-step process to follow, from mastering your parenting mindset all the way to taming your child's big emotions- and you'll walk away fully confident in your parenting approach and more connected than ever to your amazing and spirited strong willed child. 


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