Open the door to a new life with your

strong-willed child.

 Less conflict. More cooperation.

Understanding your spirited child changes everything

FREE Confident & Connected 

4-Part Masterclass 

A 4-part free video workshop from Child Therapist & Creator of Parents with Confidence Angela Pruess LMFT

Learn what's at risk when raising a spirited child 

Learn why now is the time to change the dynamic with your strong-willed child, and how it IS possible to parent them without yelling, constant power struggles and threats/negativity. 

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Discover the game-changing action step that will change everything with your child.

You'll discover the first and most important step necessary to turn the negative dynamic of conflict and disconnection in your home to cooperation and collaboration.

Step into a new level of 

parenting confidence 

Discover the 7 ground-breaking steps that will transform your parenting journey and bring more peace, connection and joy to your family. 

  Free Masterclass Video Trainings:

Video #1: Discover the life-changing benefits (for you and your child) of learning to teach and guide your strong willed child without breaking their spirit.


Video #2: The 4 life-changing consequences dependent on how you discipline and raise your spirited strong-willed child.


Video #3: The first and most VITAL step to take in order to overcome frustration, guilt and overwhelm with your strong willed child.

Video #4: The Exact 7 Steps that will lead you down the path to Confidence and Connection with Your Spirited Child.

What other parents are saying about the masterclass...

"I’ve found tantrums to be turned around more quickly. Instead of reacting with my downstairs brain and getting mad/punishing with time out, I’ve tried and several times succeeded with empathizing, validating feelings, and redirecting in a calm manner. I’ve focused on getting him calm before trying to explain to him anything that requires the upstairs brain. Thank you Angela for the resources to make this possible!"


"The way I FEEL about my daughter is different. I don't view her as an adversary anymore. And I don't view myself as helpless anymore. I feel like a leader now and I feel like she is just being her own individual and isn't intentionally making my life difficult whereas before I felt like she was being an enemy to me."


"I have really focused on my son's Areas of Temperament and brainstorming the best techniques to deal with his exact combination of characteristics. A lot of it is breaking away from patterns I was raised with. Now when he does have those moments, I find it they are shorter-lived than normal."


Meet your workshop instructor, Angela Pruess, LMFT

Raising your strong willed child without regrets (confident & connected)

Some parents are given very different journeys.

It's not talked about often in the 'parenting world' but the truth is... some children are much more challenging to raise.

No amount of professional knowledge or training as a child mental health professional could have prepared me to raise my spirited strong-willed child (at least not in an emotionally healthy way).

After  years of pouring over my clinical insights, research on human development/neuropsychology, and resources from thought leaders in the positive discipline field, I started to find confidence raising my strong-willed child, and the close relationship I had longer for. 

I’ve taken the life-changing insights I’ve gathered to support thousands of parents raising spirited, emotional and determined kids and I want to share them with you! It is possible for both you and your child- to thrive- on this unique parenting journey. We're in this together warrior parent. 

xx Angela

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