Are you ready to gain a better understanding of your

strong-willed child and watch them THRIVE?

…  it’s time to stop the constant BATTLING so you can start BONDING

 What would change for you if you had TOTAL confidence in the way you’re raising

your spirited child?

...If you knew how to motivate them into action?

...If you understood exactly what’s really going on behind their oppositional and defiant behaviors?

...If you knew how to handle meltdowns and help them manage their intense emotions in a healthy way?

...If you understood how to gain their cooperation and compliance without threatening, yelling and nagging?

...If instead of feeling guilty and resentful about 'losing it' on them every night you felt fully confident in your parenting?

I’m betting that knowing these things would change everything when it comes to your life with your strong-willed child.

It IS possible to raise your strong-willed child without breaking their spirit and damaging your relationship…

...and I’d like to guide you on the journey to finding powerful confidence with your strong-willed child and the close connected relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

The way you raise and discipline your spirited child matters a lot not only for your future relationship but for your child’s emotional health and future well-being. 

Confident & Connected changes everything by allowing you to:

  • Understand why your child is unique and needs a different approach than conventional parenting methods
  • Learn to work with your child’s natural temperament + personality and not against it
  • Discover how to master your mindset and change your parenting journey forever
  • Learn what motivates your unique child to improve cooperation + listening for the long-term
  • Effectively discipline your spirited child without crushing their confidence and self-esteem
  • Discover and nurture your child’s natural gifts and strengths to give them a brighter future

Other benefits of the Confident & Connected  journey:

Understand the real reasons your child resists and defies you

Master effective discipline that won't cause emotional damage

Learn to stay calm through your child's big emotions

Find and amplify your child’s strengths to boost their confidence and well-being

Help your child meet their full potential and THRIVE

Feel confident and at peace with your parenting at the end of each day

Develop an unbreakable bond with your child that will last forever

You don't have to go on this journey alone.

When I found this course I am telling you it was the answer to my prayers...

Marie F. C & C student

Seriously, though. I cried reading your every word because I finally felt like I landed in the right place. I am SO grateful to be in this course and thank the universe I was able to purchase when I did! I'm really beyond ecstatic about this journey I'm now taking... thank you doesn't even feel like enough...   

Raise your strong willed child without regrets; Confident & Connected

What will you gain by clicking the 'sign up' button?

Confident & Connected: Raising your Strong-Willed Child Without Regrets, is a first of its kind online learning opportunity, combining step-by-step course training and coaching from a mental health professional (and mom who has been in your shoes) to help you walk through the door to the life you always dreamed of with your strong-willed child.

Imagine that instead of having to pour through dozens of articles, parenting books and child developmental research, someone showed you a step-by-step framework for raising your unique spirited child to reach their full potential, all the way from mindset tools and techniques to simple tricks for handling back-talk and emotional outbursts. 

Imagine you had an experienced and trained guide who is up to date on the most current child development and neuroscience research and can deliver concepts in a practical and digestible way.

Sound good? You’re going to love Confident & Connected.



Confident & Connected Alumni

Mom of 2

I walked into this course defeated, alone, and feeling that this was my last  hope...

for finding something that could actually help with turning our whole family dynamic around-and this course did not disappoint. While in the course, I (for the first time since becoming a mother) felt seen and heard and knew that I had found my people. Angela always was intentional about creating a safe and open space for us to share our thoughts and struggles and work together to find practical solutions that actually work if you’re willing to put the effort in. Upon finishing this course, I was more confident in my role as a mom and I will forever shout my praises for Angela and this course and recommend it to anyone who gets to experience the wild and rewarding ride of raising a strong willed child.

What's included in the groundbreaking  course:

Step by step support from a mental health professional

You’ll get a weekly group coaching call in the Facebook community with Angela Pruess LMFT, a mental health  professional and parent coach. So as you  move through your Confident & Connected Journey, you are supported every step of the way as you make lasting progress. 

Research-backed meticulously curated course content

Each lesson of Confident & Connected is firmly grounded in research on child development and neuroscience, meaning if properly implemented, you know it will work because it's proven.

Actionable worksheets, checklists and challenges

It's time to #getyourneuronsflowing. You’ll gain access to the full library of 7 lessons of Confident & Connected  worksheets, printables and guides, the practical tools you need to implement what you're learning and MAKE IT STICK

Members only Facebook Community

Ask questions, have accountability and receive additional helpful content and resources on raising spirited kids (find community and support with others walking the same unique parenting journey in the C & C Facebook community).

Science-backed course content

Lesson 1

The first and most important step in changing the negative dynamic with your strong-willed child.

You'll learn why the way you think about your strong-willed child may be sabotaging your best parenting efforts,

and how to cultivate the mindset of a confident parenting warrior.

Lesson 2

Dig into the surprising secrets of your child's temperament, personality, and developmental level

so you can put proper context to their mystifying and frustrating behaviors and address them more effectively.

Lesson 3

Learn how to reduce negative behaviors while drawing out your individual child's strengths

and amplifying them to ensure your child reaches their full potential.

Lesson 4

The life-changing key to getting your strong-willed child to listen and cooperate,

Understand what motivates them to lower their resistance and take action.  

Lesson 5

The brain-science-backed steps to teaching your child how to better manage and

express their intense emotions, now and throughout their life.

Lesson 6

Unearth the powerful principles of effective discipline for strong-willed kids that will

make you the steady confident leader your spirited child desperately needs,

without damaging their confidence and self-esteem. 

Lesson 7

Dig into the foolproof formula for handling any problem or challenging behavior now and in the future,

while also teaching your child powerful lifelong skills of communication, self-reflection, and problem-solving.

What students are saying about

Confident & Connected

Confident and Connected: Raising Your Spirited Child

My 5 year old son, who was the reason I needed help so badly, has improved in every way – and so has my relationship with him!  Now it is my 3 year old daughter who is taking a turn in the drivers seat of difficult behaviors!  These two kiddos both fit the SWC description to a T. Thankfully I’m much better prepared to respond appropriately,  I’m infused with excitement from what progress we’ve made and what a huge difference I’ve seen in their behavior and mine!


During the course I was able to reflect on how my actions contributed to how my children were responding. I looked forward to the Q and A sessions weekly and Angela went above and beyond trying to help with personal obstacles and challenges. I would recommend this course to any parent who is willing to put in effort and work into be the best parent they can be.


I took Angela's 7 week course which was FANTASTIC. Her methods have changed ME and how I choose to see my incredible daughter. Our relationship is getting better, our daughter is growing up learning how to use her skills in positive ways, and our home is becoming a place of peace.


When you join now you'll get these  bonuses!

Bonus #1

Calm Parent Clinic

As a bonus, you'll also get: Access to the 'calm parent clinic' where you'll receive an exclusive video training workshop and actionable worksheets to help you learn and implement research backed strategies that help you become the calm patient parent your child needs. 

Bonus 2

Premium Printable Library

As a bonus you'll get: Access to the most powerful printable tools + resources (what you see here is just a start) to boost implementation and success of the strategies and techniques you'll learn- on everything from positive discipline to changing toxic parenting thought patterns.

Bonus 3

Calm Kids Mindfulness Mini-course + tools

As a bonus you'll also get: Access to the 'Calm Mindful kids' mini-course and healthy emotions toolkit. Research shows that mindfulness activities reshape our brain for calm and self-control. 

Meet your instructor, Angela Pruess, LMFT

Raising your strong willed child without regrets

I was drowning...and I’m a mental health professional who specializes in children.

10 years ago I had my first child, and I’m going to be honest with you, I thought I had the parenting scene under wraps. I had a bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology, a Master’s in Family Therapy and had a clear picture of how I’d raise my kids for some time. 

What I didn’t know then was that no educational background or professional training could have prepared me to raise the unique child I was given, a determined spirited strong-willed child.

I spent years trying...what I was taught in school (behaviorism), what other’s told me to do (conventional parenting techniques) and everything in between. For years I was stuck in a cycle of frustration and resentment with my small child, and family life felt heavy and stressful. 

One day as I stood outside my daughter’s bedroom door locked into a power struggle and listening to her crying hysterically something in me shifted. I realized I was trying the same things over and over and they weren’t working.

After several years of pouring over my clinical insights, research on human development/neuropsychology, and resources from thought leaders in the positive discipline field, I started to discover the confidence in my parenting, and deep connection with my child, that I had been desperately searching for all along. 

For the past 7 years, I’ve taken the insights I’ve learned and supported hundreds of parents raising spirited, emotional and determined kids though my therapy practice and online coaching.

I wholeheartedly believe that every. single. child. deserves to meet their full potential and every parent deserves to enjoy the beautiful gift that is parenthood. 

Is the program right for you?

It is a good fit if...

  • You have an open mind and are ready to try new things to improve your family life
  • You're done with surface-level approaches that sometimes work in the short term but don't change the foundation or improve relationships.
  • You're ready to commit and put the work into changing from the inside out.
  • You don't have time or energy to dig into dozens of parenting books and academic research on how children learn and grow best.
  • You're ready to start a new chapter of parenting your intense child and let go of negativity and guilt from the past.
  • You're looking for an up to date research-based approach on discipline that doesn't leave an imprint of emotional damage, anxiety, and low self-esteem

It is not a good fit if...

  • You're looking for a quick fix to force your child into obedience
  • You're not ready to reflect on your own actions and behaviors as a parent and how they shape dynamics
  • You're not open to different parenting approaches to discipline and raising emotionally healthy kids
  • You believe your child is the only one that needs to change

Frequently Asked Questions

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I believe in you, now let's do this

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  • 7-science backed course lessons
  • Actionable worksheets, visuals and audio option for lessons
  • Weekly live coaching calls in fb group with a mental  health professional
  • Access to video coaching call vault
  • Access to private members only facebook support community
  •  Bonus 1: Positive discipline and mindset hack printables
  • Bonus 2: Mastering emotions flashcards and printables
  • Bonus 3: Calm Kids Mindfulness mini-course and emotions flashcards set  
full coaching package

Digital course plus three 60 minute sessions of parent coaching with Angela





/one time


  • 7 Course lessons
  • Access to video coaching call vault
  • Access to private members only facebook support community
  • Weekly live coaching calls in fb group with a mental  health professional
  • Access to members only Facebook community
  • Access to All 3 course bonus's

Questions? Email Angela at Angela@parentswithconfidence.com

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