Want to support your child's emotional health in daily life but don't know where to start?

I've got you.

As a Children's Mental health professional w/a background in Child Psychology, I've broken the most important (and often overwhelming) topics down for you in short, easy to digest video masterclasses paired with printable guides and visuals. 

masterclass topics

Managing Emotional Triggers as a Parent

You have good intentions every morning to not lose your temper with your kids, but you find yourself suddenly feeling provoked and before you know it, it's happened again (then in comes the guilt). Get ready to go from frazzled out of control parent to a confident centered parent.

Kids Calm Down Blueprint 

When your child is melting down in aisle six, you want to help them to calm down quickly + effectively, and you've heard over and over how important emotional intelligence is for a child's future wellbeing. But how can you do this when you were raised to stuff feelings down at all costs and told to 'knock if off' when you cried? This training will take you from A to Z on the life-changing concepts our parents didn't know about when it comes to emotional regulation. 

Mastering Mornings with Kids

You've tried getting up an hour earlier, using sticker charts and buying new organization gadgets... but mornings with your kids STILL feel like managed chaos. After this training, you'll know exactly what to do and say to motivate your child (and what not to!) throughout an am, or pm, routine with confidence, ease and a little fun too.  

Parenting with Mindfulness

You want to be the calmer less reactive parent you know your child needs. You've heard of mindfulness/meditation and know it's a big deal, but you're not sure AT ALL where to start. THERAPIST SPOILER ALERT: Mindfulness is hands down the most powerful tool for transforming from a reactive parent to a more responsive one, and I'll teach you step by step how to dive in to a calmer home and family.

Practical Solutions for Sibling Rivalry

You wonder "do our kids fight more than other siblings?" and you want to do what you can now... to help increase the odds that your kids will become close friends for life. After this class you'll know exactly how to effectively intervene in any physical or verbal sibling altercation and daily strategies that lay the groundwork for close lifelong sibling bonds.

Understanding Your Child’s Anger

You often ask yourself if your child's intense anger is typical and what might it mean for their future... What if they hit their friend at daycare or throw something at their Grandma this weekend? After this video class you'll have a profound understanding of anger, and you'll even feel confident approaching your child in the most intense outbursts of anger (instead of avoiding it or adding your OWN anger to the mix).

Best Calming Tips and Tools

With so many tools and strategies for managing emotions out there now  (thank goodness!) where the heck do you start? You don't have extra $ or time to spend on trial and error and you just want to get the quick lowdown of what tools, tips and strategies will work best with your child (based on science) to help them manage their emotions better in situations both small and large. 

Every masterclass includes:

Let's get honest. Knowledge and Insights gained in ANY area of parenting are only as good as the tools and strategies you'll use to apply them! My masterclasses are different in that they bridge the gap between knowledge AND behavior change (because without tools and strategies to implement what you learn, it's highly likely you won't change your behaviors/habits).

 With each training you'll receive:  

60-75 minute video trainings

You'll receive a link to immediately watch your video masterclass (and will have lifetime access to the training).

Printable Masterclass Guide

Make the knowledge stick and feel empowered when you need to come back and review down the road. Each comprehensive printable guide will walk you through the trainings step by step and provide a detailed outline to refer to, moving forward.  

Printable's and resources

For some concepts in particular, in order to use the information you'll learn, you'll need practical prompts and reminders. Period. I made these visuals for you, so you can print, cut and stick up on the refrigerator (or wherever's clever).


What Parents are saying about the masterclasses

"The masterclass is profound and effective. It has already had an impact on my family this morning!"

Barbara, UK

Having a list of go-to tools curated for me is invaluable, I also had no clue how important sensory information and knowledge was for learning to help my child be more calm! 

Denise K

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