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Do you wholeheartedly set out to control your temper each morning, but your child's intense emotions inevitably push you to lose it by bedtime?



The Behavior Response Blueprint:

5 Proven Steps to respond to ANY behavior Effectively without 

Losing your Temper

You use up every ounce of energy each day trying not to explode when your child seems to constantly talk back and push your buttons....

You've learned about gentle parenting but feel like a failure when you lose your temper and revert back to negativity and punishment.

You go to bed beating yourself up and guilt-ridden many nights because you lost your temper and know it affects your child’s self-esteem and confidence.

After working with thousands of parents, I’ve seen this happen time and again and this new masterclass will help you fix these exact mistakes.


How to hack your brain to stay calm in the most challenging moments with your child so you can

Effectively address and decrease challenging/unsafe/disrespectful behaviors and

 Easy ways to teach accountability and better behavior w/o threats, raising your voice or punishments

What makes the Confident & Connected method so different and effective?

There are plenty of others giving parenting advice online, and many of them are great! However, almost none of them have clinical expertise or lived experience with the strong willed child temperament, and the complex needs and approaches that work with these awesome kids.

So much of the advice you'll find elsewhere fit's into the bucket of 'one-size-fits-all conventional parenting mumbo jumbo'. These kids need different parenting approaches. Period.

My framework is the only one of it's kind because it was born of my solid knowledge foundation as a children's mental health professional.

My goal is to boil the immense amount of research and knowledge on temperament, child development, positive discipline and positive psychology down to a streamlined system, so you can get right to the point and achieve long-lasting results (and not waste years like I did).  

Let me promise you — if you follow the methods in this course, your entire family life WILL change. Confident & Connected has changed lives and I make this statement with the confidence that it can change yours too.

Hey, I'm Angela

Raising your strong willed child without regrets

10 years ago I had my first child, and I’m going to be honest with you, I thought I had the parenting scene under wraps. I had a bachelor’s degree in Child Psychology, a Master’s in Family Therapy and had a clear picture of how I’d raise my kids for some time. 

What I didn’t know then was that no educational background or professional training could have prepared me to raise the unique child I was given, a determined spirited strong-willed child.

I spent years trying...what I was taught in school (behaviorism), what other’s told me to do (conventional parenting techniques) and everything in between. For years I was stuck in a cycle of frustration and resentment with my small child, and family life felt heavy and stressful. 

 I was trying the same things over and over and they weren’t working.

After several years of pouring over my clinical insights, research on human development/neuropsychology, and resources from thought leaders in the positive discipline field, I started to discover the confidence in my parenting, and deep connection with my child, that I had been desperately searching for all along. 

For the past 7 years, I’ve taken the insights I’ve learned and supported hundreds of parents raising spirited, emotional and determined kids though my therapy practice and online program, Confident & Connected.

I wholeheartedly believe that every. single. child. deserves to meet their full potential and every parent deserves to enjoy the beautiful gift that is parenthood.

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