Teach your child the single most valuable life skill- emotional regulation.

The 'Calm Kids Set' 

simple tools For a calmer home and happier family

From a child therapist

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Do you wish your child's emotions would stop throwing your household into a tailspin?

  • You feel like your child's emotions can get out of control
  • You feel overwhelmed and paralyzed when your child is upset or angry
  • You tell your child to 'calm down' but it doesn't seem to help 
  • You find yourself getting upset and then losing your cool and feeling guilty
  • You know the research says emotional intelligence and emotional regulation predict life success but don't know how to teach these things to your child

In the 'Calm kids Set' Discover these life-changing insights:

  • What NEVER to say when your child is upset and what you SHOULD say.
  • The one simple thing that will instantly help to calm your child down.
  • The misguided action most parents take that actually makes a child's meltdown worse.

Any parent can help their child to manage their emotions by using the right tools.

emotions flashcards for kids

What you get in the set:

1. Emotions Flashcard set for kids- including parent guide and mindfulness activities. 

2. Parenting with Confidence Ebook -10 Steps to raising emotionally healthy + confident kids, from a Child Therapist. 

3. The Calm Kids Guide to Emotional Regulation- A 35 page science-based guide to managing emotions like a pro. 

4. 75 Calm Down Strategies for Kids Printable

If your emotional abilities aren't in hand, if you don't have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can't have empathy and have effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are,

you are not going to get very far."

Daniel Goleman

What's covered in the 'Calm Kids Guide' E-Book'?

In this 35 page comprehensive guide you'll learn everything you need to jump start the life-changing journey of building your child's emotional intelligence and emotional regulation skills. 

  • How to coach your child successfully through big emotions. 
  • The 3 brain systems/areas activated when your child's emotions are running high and the best step-by-step approach to work with your child in each of these three brain states.
  • The 6-Step Framework for Supporting your child's emotional regulation skills.
  • The exact steps for teaching your child to cope with their emotions in healthy and effective ways. 

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Research shows there is NO more powerful predictor of future emotional health and overall life happiness and well-being than emotional intelligence.

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