Calm Kids Set (Special Offer)

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Calm Kids Set (digital download):

A child therapist’s best tools + insights for helping kids manage big emotions! What you’ll get:

  • Set of 12 Colored Emotion Flashcards
  • Full Page Emotion Word Graphic with 12 Emotions
  • How to Use Guide
  • Mindfulness Strategies
  • 75 Calming Strategies for Kids Printable
  • Angela’s popular Ebook ’10 Essential Ingredients to Raise Confident + Emotionally Healthy Kids’
  • The 37-Page Comprehensive Roadmap to Master Managing Emotions: ‘Calm Kids Guide to Emotional Regulation’



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Digital Download

3 reviews for Calm Kids Set (Special Offer)

  1. Rebecca

    Is this for any age child? My daughter is 10, and emotional regulation is something I continually struggle with myself, especially being bipolar.

    • Angela Pruess (verified owner)

      Hi Rebecca- Yes absolutely:) We still use the cards with our 10 year old and the digital guides are for all ages! Thanks so much, Angela

  2. Becky

    Is there a way of getting extra sets of the emotions cards? I have 3 kids and they will fight over the set that comes with this bundle.

  3. Deborah

    Do you also
    have hard copies of your Calm Kids Set?

    Thank you,


    • Angela Pruess (verified owner)

      Not at this time. Currently you download the digital and then print on cardstock:) Thanks so much, Angela

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