As a parent, you can change the world by providing an environment that will grow emotionally healthy human beings.

A child who can:

Understand their own emotions and the emotions of others and have healthy relationships

Cope with frustration in healthy ways and be resilient throughout life’s setbacks

Build the confidence needed to fully engage with the world around them

Prioritize their mental health and know that they are worth taking care of

Because a child who can do all these things will live their BEST LIFE.

Welcome to Parents with Confidence!

I’m Angela!

I’m Angela Pruess and I’ve been supporting children and parents as a licensed clinical family therapist in my private practice for 15 years now, and as an online parent coach for 5 years. 

I have a BA in Child Psychology, Child Development, and Play Therapy and a Masters Degree in Family Counseling. My more impressive credentials, however, are that of parent to three children, and special needs parent to 2 of them.

The path of child development is a long and windy one (and some days straight-up bumpy), no matter how much we’d like it to look more like a straight line!

Despite the complications of our messy modern world at times, I believe it is an evolutionary advantage to raise a child in a time where we have access to the research and science of raising an emotionally healthy, confident, and resilient child.

When you’re empowered with information on your child’s social-emotional development, you can put difficult and puzzling behaviors into proper context, and respond to your child in way that is both supportive AND nurturing to their future well-being.

I want to help you feel confident at the end of each day, that you’ve done your best to help grow an emotionally healthy child ready to take on the world.

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