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Welcome! I’m Angela, a Licensed Children’s Mental Health Professional, Creator of Confident & Connected, and mom to Spirited Kids that help me learn and grow (grey hairs) every single day. I believe EVERY child deserves to live their BEST life and that emotional health is the magic key to lifelong success and happiness. Read more about me and the Parents with Confidence manifesto.

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Raising an intense persistent child?

Welcome to the spirited child club!! Your child has a unique temperament and needs a different approach. 

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  • 5 Secrets that will simplify life and decrease stress with your spirited child
  • How your own personality may be negatively affecting your parenting 
  • Discover what the harmful (but common!) TIP trap is, and how to stop getting stuck in it 
  • The 3 Steps to Confidence, Connection and Calm with your child 

Childhood Mental Health

Knowing what to expect at different ages and stages during your child’s social and emotional development helps you put confusing behaviors into context and best support your growing child.

Child Development

We’re finally realizing the importance of getting intentional about supporting our child’s mental health. These resources help you to nurture emotional health and increase life-long success and wellbeing for your child.