Positive Discipline Set (Special Offer)

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2 reviews for Positive Discipline Set (Special Offer)

  1. Samantha

    Positive Parenting uses an approach to find ways to encourage your child’s normal and healthy ways of learning about the world around them, often thru strong emotional bonds and of course play! So excited to continue on this journey and learn so many more ways to encourage my preschooler to listen to her own instincts, while being excited to explore the world around her, helping her emotional intelligence, mindfulness and creativity grow!

  2. Gihani

    Wow I’m so glad I was able to find you. It was indeed devine intervention for me to find your site as I was worried about my child. Now that I have found you I know everything is gonna be alright in Jesus name.
    Bless you for the wonderful work your doing by encouraging and motivating mum’s.

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