Calm Kids Guide to Emotional Regulation


A practical comprehensive guide on helping your child cope with emotions now and throughout life. What you’ll gain:
  • Managing meltdowns 101 (Practical tools to use with your child when they’re emotionally escalated)
  • 5 Step Framework for teaching rock-solid emotional regulation skills
  • Why saying ‘Calm down’ doesn’t work and what WILL.
  • An easily digestible explanation of the brain science behind your child’s intense emotions and why it’s imperative for YOU to know.
  • The difference between emotional intelligence and emotional regulation and how to foster BOTH.


Digital Download

3 reviews for Calm Kids Guide to Emotional Regulation

  1. Mary Cosmo

    Do you have a hard copy?

    • Angela Pruess

      Hi Mary! The product is a digital download that you print as a hard copy:) Thanks so much! Angela

  2. Carrie

    I have looked for something like this to use with my 10 year old son. Is it targeted towards younger children? We were sure if it was something that a occupation therapist was supposed to work through or a school counselor and the one at the school wasn’t helpful and didn’t really seem to help. Please let me know!

    • Angela Pruess

      Hi Carrie:) This is a digital e-book for parents to help you teach and support emotional regulation skills with children of any age! I hope this helps. Thanks so much, Angela

  3. Brenda

    I only see the option to purchase digital download. I don’t want that. I don’t have access to a printer

    • Angela Pruess

      Hi Brenda- so sorry the printing is an issue for you. Another option is to email the document to an office supply store (Office Max etc) and then go pick it up there for a couple of bucks. Thanks so much, Angela

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