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If you could buy a happy and healthy future for your child, how much money would you pay?

How amazing would it be if you could guarantee that your child would grow up to be happy, self-confident and have a deep sense of fulfillment in their day to day lives?


While no such magical option exists, there is something you can do TODAY to dramatically improve your child’s emotional health, happiness, and future life success.


raising an emotionally intelligent child

Research shows that teaching your child EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE skills may be the biggest predictor of life success, happiness, and well-being.

I want to grow a happy and healthy child!

In the Emotional Intelligence Flashcard Bundle you’ll receive:

  • 12 Beautifully designed 2-sided emotions flashcards (each card has mindfulness exercises on the back that correlate to that emotion)
  • 1 – 8 x 11 full-page visual with all twelve emotions faces
  • Parent guide on how to successfully use the emotions visuals to promote emotional intelligence
  • Parent guide on why emotional intelligence is such a powerhouse for lifelong success and well-being


Emotion Cards - Photo Collage

Download today and start on the path to a calmer and more cooperative family!

Broadening a child’s emotional vocabulary empowers them to better understand the emotions they experience and where to begin working through them. Strengthening your child’s social-emotional skills will positively impact their self-control, problem-solving skills, focus, resilience, and empathy, which inspire better listening and cooperation.

Through the emotions flashcards, children have the opportunity to better understand their own emotions, which is the first step in coping with them in a healthy and productive way, reducing family stress and conflict.

I’m ready for a more peaceful family


Angela - Profile PhotoHi! I’m Angela, a licensed clinical therapist that has been working in children’s mental health for 17 years. I want to help you raise emotionally healthy kids that will change the world, by explaining the he(art) and science behind your child’s developmental and emotional needs. I also write about childhood mental health and the therapeutic power of play. I want you to better understand your child, help them meet their full potential, and LOVE the journey of parenthood.


Emotion Cards - Photo Collage


  1. Download your digital PDF file from your email.
  2. Print the emotional intelligence bundle using your home printer or at a print shop.
  3. Cut out cards (laminate for best results!)
  4. Partner with your child to find a central place in your home to keep the cards (we love putting them on a binder clip to ensure they stay together).

Please note* This is a digital product, so you will receive PDF files of cards, emotions visual and parent guides. Simply print on cardstock and laminate!

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