Parent Mentoring for Invisible Disabilities

If you have a child (or suspect you may have a child) with an invisible disability such as ADHD, Anxiety, Sensory Processing Disorder, Giftedness, Learning Disability or high-functioning Aspergers Angela is here to support you on your unique journey and help you to put your ‘best parenting foot’ forward again with your complex child.

Confronting issues such as getting a diagnosis, navigating the mental health care system, whether or not to medicate, feeling isolated among family and friends, judgement from others, stressors on siblings and family system, and a sense of personal shame are just SOME of the very complex realities of parenting a child with an invisible disability.

No one told you this was how parenting would look. 


Angela is here to take you from chaos and frustration to peace and partnership. 


Angela has been in the trenches herself having navigated all of these things in parenting her own kids with ADHD, Sensory Processing and Anxiety, at times feeling completely overwhelmed and hopeless (and I am a mental health professional! Just think about that for a second!)


Angela has also been supporting parents like you in a clinical therapy setting for 13 years now, and knows the in’s and out’s of the mental health system like the back of her hand.


When you are a special needs parent you are exhausted, you are tired, you are just. getting. through. the. day. Virtual parent mentoring is a less formal, less intimidating and easier to access format for your hectic lifestyle.

How Angela will transform your complex family

  • Guide you in moving through the treacherous mental health care system wherever you are in the process of assessment and diagnosis.
  • Provide information and insights on parenting a child with an emotional behavioral or learning disability.
  • Support you in creating goals for yourself as a parent of a complex child (what kind of parent do you want to be?).
  • Help you to create a vision for your unique family highlighting your family’s strengths.
  • Partner with you in navigating day to day stressors with your child such as disruptive behaviors, transitions, meltdowns etc.
  • Guide you in implementing best practices (grounded in latest research and neuroscience) for your child in the developmental, emotional and behavioral realms.
  • Allow you to move past the guilt and worry and feel empowered and capable in parenting your unique child.


Angela will help you go from ‘just getting by’ to feeling convicted, confident and assured you are giving your complex child the best parent possible each and every day. 

Parent mentoring sessions with Angela are 60 minutes and will be conducted through Skype, allowing a virtual face-to-face meeting.

Doing all you can for your struggling child and their long-term mental health, self-esteem and emotional well-being is something you will never regret.

Ready to partner with Angela in transforming your family life?
Email her at to schedule a free 10-minute consultation and find out more about her rates.