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Kidibank™ is now available for download with a FREE month trial on the App store, Amazon and Google Play.

As parents, many of us reflect on what we’d like to do in order to move closer to our own personal goals and dreams. We know for a fact that when we are intentional in specifying and planning goals we aim to achieve, there is a higher likelihood that we follow through and have a successful outcome.

What if, as parents, we were to apply this same logic to our children and our entire family?

Most parents have a vague sense of the direction they’d like their family to move in and what values and priorities they’d like to adhere to, but never move beyond that. We certainly spend plenty of time stressing out about our child’s challenging behaviors, as well as envisioning our goals and dreams for their future’s.

So why not take the next step?

Well, because as parents, our brains are full. If we can muster up a few coherent thoughts at the end of the day, we deem it a success. So before you proclaim, “Oh great, family goals. One more thing on the to-do list!”, hold up because here’s the magic. Creating goals for your child and family is actually going to be convenient and fun. Enter Kidibank™.

If you are a parent that would like to be more intentional about creating goals not only for your child but your whole family, the new family planning and goal setting app Kidibank™ will blow your parent mind for several reasons.


Parents know that collaborating with their child is the best path to family success. We are now learning that the unilateral parenting approaches of the past are not what assist children in becoming motivated for success. When both the parent and child can communicate their thoughts and feel heard and understood, the likelihood for cooperation and growth increases exponentially.

Kidibank™ allows all members of the family to interface and collaborate via the app, giving the opportunity for kids to manage themselves, as well as receive support from parents. Kidibank™ also synchronizes between different systems (IOS or Android) and devices, for maximum parent convenience!


Parents want to promote self-competence in their child. Research tells us that by giving kids responsibilities in the home and family we are practicing skills that develop confidence and self-reliance. Kidibank™ takes the guesswork out of challenging aspects of choosing and delegating household tasks, making it easy to develop individual tasks/goals for your child.

Kidibank™ does this by providing an amazing framework of attainable and developmentally appropriate personal and household tasks. The goals can be accessed in audio (either masculine or feminine voice options) for the pre-readers as well!


Parents want their children to be financially savvy. When it comes to money and finances I’m willing to bet most of us have a mistake or two we regret (or maybe I was the only one who thought student loans weren’t real money back in college). When we give our children the chance to learn and practice managing money while they’re young they’ll have a higher likelihood of managing it responsibly in adulthood.

Kidibank™ provides financial learning which is not only accessible to children but is also appealing in its format. Kids get the chance to earn and track their own finances via the app and their own personal avatar, learning important lessons of earning and saving.

Parents want their children to turn healthy behaviors into habits. When children can focus on goals related to their own self-development they are given the precious opportunity to grow as individuals and as well as experiencing how their actions affect others. Kidibank™ enables kids to brainstorm their own personal goals from basic self-care tasks to more complex emotional and behavioral goals.

We know from brain development, that having progress laid out with a fun and simple visual, helps the child to gain a clear understanding of where they’re at. This increases the child’s odds of success in reaching their goals, which will in turn help to develop confidence and to promote long-term healthy habits.


Parents want to eliminate screen time battles. Say goodbye to the neverending headaches and confusion around time limits for screen time. Kidibank™ allows parents to allocate screen time to their child as they see fit, while also providing a screen time, time tracker. Now both parent and child can receive support in prioritizing essential healthy periods of screen-free play throughout the child’s day.


Parents want to stay in the loop. Families are busy, making communication between members difficult some days. There is also an increasing number of children being raised in blended families where co-parenting isn’t always easy. Kidibank™ promotes communication between parents in our busy world. Mom out of town on business? No problem. When she checks in with her child in the evening over the phone they will be able to discuss the child’s day complete with challenges and successes.


As a mom and a child therapist, the idea of helping a child both create and implement personal goals while supporting healthy developmental responsibilities with Kidibank™ hits home big time. After all, this is what I aim to do in both my home and work settings! Isn’t this what all of us parents are aiming to do? Strive to teach our child critical life skills while also helping them to realize their full human potential? I am thankful to Kidibank™ because now these monumentally important tasks can be well within reach for us all!


Kidibank™ is now available for download with a FREE month trial on the App store, Amazon and Google Play. Full app demos are also available on the YouTube channelApp store, Amazon and Google Play. Full app demos are also available on the YouTube channel


This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Parents with Confidence for Kidibank™. The opinions and text are all mine.

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