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ADHD in kids: The Ultimate Survival Guide for Overwhelmed Parents

Inside: A child therapist’s most recommended resources for ADHD in kids including what are ADHD symptoms in children, and how to handle discipline, aggression, and anger.

If you’re a parent overwhelmed with an ADHD child (or suspect you may be) you’re in the right place. Welcome.

I know you have questions- lots of them.

“What’s the best way to handle ADHD in kids, because what I’m trying isn’t working”

“This is too hard, no one told me parenting would look like this.”

“I feel stuck in a cycle of negativity with my child.”

I know these thoughts and emotions well because I’ve had them myself. 

ADHD in kids

Somedays I feel like it’s an ADHD world and I’m just living in it.

Not only am I a licensed mental health professional who has been working with ADHD in children for 15 years now, I also am a parent of two amazing kids with ADHD.

Top resources for ADHD in kids and symptoms. 

There has always been confusion about what ADHD in children really is, after all, couldn’t it just be bad parenting? Yeah, no. Not only do we have scientific research demonstrating the differences in brain structure and function in children with ADHD, the world is also getting better at acknowledging the strengths and differences of differently wired kids.

Click to read >> 10 Truths of ADHD Symptoms in Children (and what myth’s to ignore)

adhd symptoms in children

Raising a child with ADHD

When it comes to helping a child with ADHD, there’s a lot we know now that we didn’t even 20 years ago. Not only do we have scientific research demonstrating the differences in brain structure and function in children with ADHD, we also have more information on how to raise them in a way that sets them on a positive and successful path in life (not just the path to detention, rebellion and low self-esteem).

Click to read >> How to Help a Child with ADHD Succeed in Life

help a child with ADHD

If all parents experience moments in their day that hold the potential of throwing their good parenting intentions off course, parents of kids with ADHD spend their days walking through a field of intentional parenting landmines. Don’t worry though, if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger…I promise.

Click to read >> 5 Ways Raising a Child with ADHD Will Make You a Great Parent

ADHD in kids

Feeling overwhelmed with big emotions and disruptive behaviors? Learn 5 important concepts that will keep your moving forward when tough days hit.

Read >> What to Do When Overwhelmed with an ADHD Child.

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ADHD in kids

ADHD in kids and discipline

Statistics on kids with ADHD are scary in many ways including higher rates of substance abuse, depression, anxiety, incarceration, self-harm and suicide. Sharing this is not meant as a scare tactic, but to empower you with the mindsets and techniques needed to guide your ADHD child toward a future of emotional well-being as opposed to emotional scarring.

Learn how to discipline a child with ADHD without emotional scarring here >> Disciplining a Child with ADHD: How to Do it Right

Both at home and in my therapy office I’ve seen some common practices work wonders when it comes to helping a child with ADHD thrive with school, home and relationships.

Find out what these practices are here  >> A Child Therapist’s Best Tips for Parenting a Child with ADHD

parenting a child with ADHD

Mindset is Everything when it comes to allowing your spirited child to meet their full potential. Click here to read more >> The Best Mindset for Raising a Strong-willed Highly Emotional Child

AND here>> Change the way you see your Child and unlock their full potential

Handling intense emotions with explosive kids

An often underacknowledged symptom of ADHD is difficulty managing emotions and it often causes chaos in families. Start with this basic principle to get a better grip on your child’s explosive emotions…read >> The Best Way to Help an Angry Child 

angry child

6 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Child’s Emotional Regulation Skills

Child's emotional regulation skills

Dealing with ADHD and Anxiety

Almost 50% of kids with ADHD will also manifest symptoms of anxiety and it can be very difficult to tell one from the other! Here’s an interview I did on the Anxious Toddlers Podcast about the overlap of Anxiety and ADHD in children >> Helping kids with ADHD and Anxiety

Showing up in the best way you can for your child with ADHD each day will greatly improve their long-term emotional well-being.

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