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Parenting a Strong-Willed Child: The Ultimate Guide

Inside: A collection of the best resources on parenting a strong-willed child and helping them reach their full potential from a child therapist. 

Tornadoes. Prenatal hormones. A strong-willed child. A strong-willed toddler.

Some things in nature are a force to be reckoned with.

Want to see a confident, experienced parent drop to their knees in desperation? Look for someone parenting a strong-willed child. The strong-willed child is excellent at launching great parents into full-on emotional breakdown mode with behaviors such as defiance, oppositionality and intense emotions.

parenting a strong willed child

| Do I have a strong-willed child? | Stong Willed Definition

Most parents know from pretty early on. If you consistently observe behaviors such as headstrong, oppositionality, defiance and intense emotions and overall feel like a horrible parent, you may be encroaching on strong willed child territory!

If you have thought, ” Why is my child so difficult?” You’ll also very likely identify with some of these strong-willed child experiences >>

Click HERE to read: Universal Truths of Parents Raising Strong-Willed Children

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| Embracing strong-willed child characteristics

For many parents, the qualities of perseverance, determination, and integrity are ones they’d love to see in their child, as an adult. Not only do most conventional discipline strategies not work for a strong willed child, they also pose the risk of squashing some pretty amazing and important traits in our child.

Read>>  Strong willed personality traits

strong willed child personality traits

FREE MASTERGUIDE for parents of strong-willed kids >> Less conflict. More cooperation. Click here to access.

Tantrums in the parking lot and yelling in the library do not feel like positive life-skills, but with support, you can help your child to harness their challenges and turn them into strengths (warning: you may even start to like some of these traits too) >> Read How to deal with your strong-willed child and Unlock Their Full Potential to help your with your parenting struggles.

| Parenting a Strong Willed Child

There’s no getting around the fact that parenting a strong willed child is challenging. However, after we’ve accepted the qualities our child came into this world with we can start to better understand their needs and even appreciate their personality traits.

Using positive parenting skills with a strong willed son or daughter can change everything.

Click here to read>>  Parenting the Strong Willed Child

parenting a strong willed child


The strong willed child takes a special kind of parent, one that’s brave and open to learning new ways of interacting with their child. Here are 8 things parents should always keep in mind  >> Raising the Strong willed child- 8 Do’s and Don’ts for Parents to Live By

the strong willed child

When you’re raising an independent fiery little spirit, the world around you will often leave you feeling like you’re a bad parent. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Find out why in>>  It’s Not ‘Bad Parenting’ You’re Raising a Strong-Willed Child’


| How to discipline a strong willed child

So how do you deal with a strong willed child in a way that won’t minimize or discourage important qualities that will offer enormous benefit in adolescence and throughout life?

Learn how >> Click HERE to read 10 Secrets to Effectively Disciplining A Strong-Willed Child 

how to discipline a strong willed child

Have a child who doesn’t listen? Tired of yelling to get them to listen? Check out >> 5 Brilliant Ways to get Kids to Listen Without Yelling


Psst… Don’t forget to pin this Guide to Raising Strong Willed Kids as a resource!

parenting a strong-willed child


| Responding to Intense Emotions 

Children with a strong-will typically have intense emotions due to being highly sensitive, that may come out at the most inconvenient times! Helping an emotionally intense strong willed child to better regulate their emotions is a journey, but I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that the journey starts here >>

Click HERE to read: 6 Guaranteed Ways to Boost Your Child’s Emotional Regulation skills

When emotions get out of control here’s a step by step plan >>  How to deal with a strong-willed child and aggression

P.S. Your spirited child is more complex, and so is your parenting journey…but don’t worry I’m here to simplify the (often) overwhelming and beautiful journey of raising a spirited child.

Click here to access my free 9-page masterguide with actionable steps to get you started on your journey to less conflict and more cooperation with your strong-willed child.

raising a strong willed child guide

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